Professional Shopfitting

We understand how important a well-designed interior can be to your business, as well as your customers. A clean, well-designed shop interior has the potential to visually promote the products you have available by displaying them in an attractive way, and can play a part in your customer’s decision to ultimately buy the product.

At PDM Building Services, we have a extensive experience with commercial and retail shopfitting in a range of nationwide locations, including London and surrounding areas, and are fully qualified to carry out a range of shopfitting and installation services. We have a keen eye for detail, and a dedication to your project that guarantees your shop interior will be carefully planned, and expertly installed according to your specific needs to ensure your satisfaction, as well as the satisfaction of your customers.

Our team of expert designers will help you plan your interior according to the requirements of your building and business, allowing you to make the most out of the space you have available. Our professional craftsmen will also install your fantastic interior and ensure that it works effectively for your customers and allows a decent crowd flow through your store.

PDM Building Services expertly installs a range of fully customisable components depending on the needs of your business that are sure to add a clean, detailed finish to any retail setting. These components include:

  • Display cabinets
  • Grid displays
  • Slat walls and attachments
  • Display stands
  • Promotional display units
  • Lighting
  • Shelving
  • Counters
  • Paypoints
  • Furniture

We have a record of providing exceptional shopfitting services, and exceptional project management. We strive to complete all our shopfitting services with the highest levels of professionalism, and guarantee that all our projects are completed on time, and on budget, regardless of the scope of your project.