Dilopidations and Property Maintenance

Maintaining the structural integrity of your property is of great importance, especially where health and safety risks are concerned. At PDM Building Services, we understand the importance of this continued maintenance. As a result, we offer our expert dilapidation surveys and reports, as well as our building maintenance services to a range of clients including landlords, contractors, architects, and any other building owners. Our services extend to a range of nationwide locations. We work closely with local authorities and private clients to ensure and maintain a variety of buildings, and to ensure a solid, safe to use structure.
Our dedicated craftsmen will work closely with you to understand the exact needs you have for your office interior, and how we can meet those needs. We will also determine a time frame and an appropriate budget for your project, and offer guidance on a range of aspects involved in your office fit out or office refurbishment. PDM Building Services offers you peace of mind that your office interior needs will be expertly seen to, and will be completed according to the highest standards. We offer our professional office fit outs and refurbishments to a range of clients and building owners in London, as well as various nationwide locations.


PDM Building Services offers extensive assistance with any dilapidation survey and report following the end of a lease agreement or tenancy. We will not only carry out a survey of your property, and compile a comprehensive report following our inspections, but we will also liaise with the property owner to arrange any necessary inspections. Our dilapidation surveys aim to identify any existing faults, including leaks, cracks, and distortion, and are carried out by highly trained and experienced professionals according to strict guidelines.

Following our detailed inspections, our specialist surveyors will compile detailed reports that will include any necessary maintenance and repair work, and any possible faults with the structure. Our reports will be able to solve any possible disputes, as well as minimise any potential legal fees. These reports will also offer assistance if you wish to carry out any construction work on the building, as most contractors require dilapidation reports before they commence work.

At PDM Building Services, we are also able to carry out a range of maintenance work following our surveys to rectify any faults we have identified in order to help you maintain the safety and structural integrity of your building.

Property Maintenance

At PDM Building Services, we are fully qualified to carry out a range of building upgrades, as well as maintenance operations on a range of properties. Our skilled and experienced engineers are able to perform a number of operations that are sure to increase the lifespan of your building. We do this by finding and repairing a range of minor faults before they become serious problems. We offer a range of building maintenance services, including any work relating to:

  • Electrical
  • Gas
  • Plumbing
  • Heating
  • Roofing
  • Glazing
  • Carpentry
  • Emergency Lighting
  • Fire Alarms

With our professional maintenance and repair services, we ensure that your property is expertly maintained, and in the best possible condition at all times to provide your employees or tenants with a safe, comfortable experience in your building.